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My atmospheric and ethereal paintings are a response to my love of the natural environment in all its' seasons.


From my childhood home in the UK, where access to the dense forests of Holmbury and the rolling hills of the North Downs, helped create a strong passion for nature’s colours and forms through Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. As I continue to reside across the UK, the location subject matter of inspiration changes, but a common denominator of forests, mountains and hills remains. Painting rural landscapes is a way of connecting and showing my appreciation for our fragile natural world, but the visual recreation of locations are also sentimental places for me, where each image holds a unique story to accompany it. 


Over the past 5 years, my artwork has shown a strong influence from traditional landscape artists of the 18th and 19th Centuries, with whom she shares the view that light is the real subject of landscape and hopes to occupy the space between romantic English Realism and Impressionism. Through painting light, atmosphere, and perspective with accuracy, I endeavor to create a sensual and emotional illusion of place for the viewer. 

Since my recent exhibition, some works are still available for purchase, which is illustrated above. I have also delighted clients with commissioned landscape works, and I continue to welcome these requests. Please do not hesitate to use the contact page to ask me anything regarding my artwork. 

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